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But you cannot miss. Use your judgement.

On Rep days if you have a calling for 3 sets of 8 reps, complete your first two sets, and then take the third for a rep PR. Go to failure or just short.

Cube Predator: Nutrition for Mass

On Explosive days there is really no need to set a PR on this day, but you can hit your recommended sets, and then add a little weight for more sets just to get a feel for the weight. Remember the cube method is a strength builder not a strength tester. Like any routine you have to consume enough calories to see maximum results. Brandon Lilly used to eat anything that he could get his hands on.

This includes a lot of fast food and pizza. Once he cleaned up his diet, he noticed that his body processes started to improve big time. He eats plenty of red meat, rice, salmon, vegetables and salad. He likes to have chicken, a complex carbohydrate such as sweet potato and a salad. He also mentioned that he likes going to Olive Garden after his workouts to eat tons of chicken, pasta and bread sticks. Home Interviews Recipes Training News. The Cube Method.

The Cube Method – Brandon Lilly

Note: Customize this day to fit your needs and be sure to add in core work as well. Remember to keep the main movements listed above. Quick Navigation.

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Training Programs. Muscle Calculator. Main Menu. Goodmorning go down until you want to double over then explode up.

Cube Method: The Actual Program

Incline DB Press Make your fail point right around Do not make these an easy Women lbs. Men lbs. Out of respect for Brandon Lily and The Cube Method his program I will not give the full wave breakdown, but I will give you a look into what the program entails. Take depth seriously though, because this is what powerlifters judge each other by!

You should be attempting to build strength, not test strength! These three lifts should be rotated regardless of which day it is.

The deadlift gives lifters a multitude of problems so it must be worked in different ways. Rep day should be performed from wherever you need the most work. All explosive work should be done in meet gear Whatever that is for you and should be pulled from the floor. It is stressed that the warm up should only be a portion of your pre-workout routine. A pre-work routine should include three steps. After you major movement you should stop thinking like a powerlifter and think more like a bodybuilder. This is so because you want to build your physique in a way that will maximize your powerlifting potential.

Your accessory work should be done with exercises and between sets per exercise. Do take into consideration dropping any exercises that will not benefit your big three in some way! Below is a small sample list from The Cube Method book of assistance work. There you have it folks! This is another relatively straight forward powerlifting program that can be done with a simple barbell and weights.

There are no bells and whistles needed to complete The Cube Method. The Cube Method is breath of fresh air! It allows you to hit big lifts but also keeps you fresh and motivated looking to crush your lifts each day! You can use it on any device. I read mine on my iPhone. What do you mean when you say rotate between the floor press, board press, and bench press?

The Cube Method: Yeah or Nay?

For rep day for benching use the floor press, for explosive use the board press, and for speed use the bench press? Is this what you mean by rotate? Hi, I noticed that the percentages for the rep day are listed differently to the e-book. The last method we want to mention here is the Cube Method. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.